Libris2 (3 Month Commitment)


Numera® Libris® 2 MPERS pendant with EverThere® integrates personal safety and emergency response for active seniors and lone workers.

  • Only requires 3 month commitment, $50/month after initial 3 month period.
  • Fall Detection
  • Proactive Wellness
  • 4G Technology keeps you mobile
  • Instant Communication
  • Reliable Charging
  • Available Canada Wide

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New Technology! Numera® Libris® 2 MPERS pendant with EverThere® integrates personal safety and emergency response for active seniors and lone workers.

FALL DETECTION: The Numera Libris 2 personal emergency response system provides high quality fall detection capabilities, now with 4G/LTE cellular connectivity.

PROACTIVE WELLNESS: Keep family members and healthcare providers better informed with location services, event notifications, and faster emergency communication with your call center.

AT HOME AND ON THE MOVE: The Libris 2 is a 4G/LTE-connected and GPS enabled mobile personal emergency response system, giving you excellent cellular coverage to find your exact location quickly.

PEACE OF MIND: Keep loved ones and healthcare providers aware and informed on your next adventure or trip alone. Whether you or a loved one are fall-prone, or simply need added security, Libris 2 brings more confidence that emergency service providers are better equipped to know when and where a fall occurs.


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